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Kor Phaeron...

  • Lorgar:

    How do I even begin to explain Kor Phaeron?

  • Abaddon:

    Kor Phaeron is flawless.

  • Erebus:

    He has two Abyss class ships, and a pimp staff.

  • Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka:

    I hearz his armour's in-suuurd for 10 billion teefs.

  • Lucius:

    I hear he does anti-aging commercials. In the Maelstrom.

  • Alpharius:

    His favourite movie is Jesus Christ Superstar.

  • Horus:

    One time, he met Guilliman on Calth. And he told him he was full of shit.

  • Guilliman:

    One time, he threw a ship at my planet. It was awesome.

And the Primarch of the twentieth Legion stood forth and said, “I am Alpharius.”

And a legionnaire stood forth and proclaimed, “No, I am Alpharius!”

And a rememberancer jumped from his seat, and called out, “No! I am Alpharius!”

And the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus banged one of his many arms on the conference table, and spake thusly, “The unit that calls itself Magos Derreom, serial number 500001123BW45846 is obliged to inform you that it is Alpharius.”

And Lorgar facepalmed.

And the cleaning lady looked up and whispered under her breath, where no one could hear. “I’m Alpharius.”

Epistle 3096112 of Lorgar (The Forbidden Works)

(Source: erebabes)

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